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        1. @Sarah: Hello Sarah, you are absolutely right. It is better to understand what this vision of the family generally reveals, and what it says about our current society. In any case, we would be ready to pay to see the quote you chose as a teaser for a copy of the contest ;). Have a nice day, The Academics in Politics team.

        2. It seems to me that it is not advisable to ignore because it is possible to come across a subject mixing the two themes. As for the story, it says to study the period 1945 to today, I don’t believe there are any themes given?!

        3. Hello, I would like to ask you if the candidates are able to choose a subject among the 2 general culture themes of this year? namely family and globalization. Or is it better to study both? And concerning history, do you have to learn the whole Terminale program? Or just the themes of this year’s event?

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