Distinguish between theft, fraud, breach of trust and vandalism

Acts of vandalism during demonstrations, theft on public transport. In legal cases, breach of trust, swindling.

The distinction in French justice between fraud, theft, breach of trust and vandalism.

Here are a few definitions to clarify these words which have very specific nuances.
SwindlingSwindling consists in obtaining a good by manipulation. (5 years imprisonment and 375 000 € fine)
TheftTheft consists in infringing without authorization the right of property. (3 years imprisonment and 45.000 € fine)

Breach of

trustBreach of trust consists in appropriating the property that a person has given to him (3 years of imprisonment and 375 000 € fine)
VandalismVandalism is the degradation of the property of others for his pleasure. (serious damage: 2 years imprisonment and 30 000 € fine)

From now on, you will no longer make confusion by using these different terms.