French law – II. The branches of private law

A. Civil law

Civil law is the basis of private law: it is automatically applied when there is no more specific law. It is therefore called common law.

Civil law concerns the rules applicable to the private life of individuals and to their relations with each other.

B. Commercial law

Commercial law concerns the activities of individual and collective enterprises. It governs merchants and commercial acts.

C. Social law

Social law is the combination of labor law and social security law.

—Labor law concerns individual or collective relationships resulting from an employment relationship, and therefore govern in particular the relationship between employers and employees.

—Social security law concerns the relationship between social security and the insured.

D. Private international law

Private international law concerns situations between individuals that have a foreign element. It governs the status of foreigners in France, conflicts of laws or jurisdictions.

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  1. PLEASE NOTE: civil law is the basis of PRIVATE law. In contrast, the basis of public law is constitutional law and administrative law.

    1. Thank you very much Marie We have rectified this carelessness thanks to you. THANKS !

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