Exam correction the history – geography baccalaureate 2013

While waiting for the BAC, Train yourself with the exam questions of the past year’s BAC.
It is with this in mind that we suggest you rediscover the corrected exam questions of the BAC 2013 in history and geography.

All the exam questions of the BAC history – geography 2013 are available here with the correction:

Subjects of the French baccalauréat history – geography 2013 series ES and L:

Major test:

South Africa: an emerging country (correction)
Territories in globalization: unequal integration

Minor paper:

Governing France since 1946
—excerpt from the Memoirs of
Charles de Gaulle
the general policy statement of Jacques
Chirac before the National Assembly on April 9, 1986

history-geography baccalaureate 2013 S series (early test in première)

1st test



Topic 1: Based on the case study treated during the year, present the sustainable management of a region,
present the sustainable management of an environment: issues, actors, achievements,
or Topic 2: The location of activities on French territory and

2nd test:


1: the British world economy (correction)
Exercise 2: The European Union in globalization

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