France from 1919 to 1939

III. From one war to another (1914-1939)

3. France from 1919 to 1939

→ The disappointed desire for a new Belle Epoque

Raymond Poincaré
Raymond Poincaré

—fear of a Bolshevik revolution (war’s toll, 1919 election campaign, SFIO split, social crisis of 1919 and 1920, 1920 Tours Congress, marginalized Communist Party)
—economic concerns (Raymond Poincaré, role of the radicals, failure of the Cartel of the Left, the right in power from 1926 to 1932)
—French dynamism (Roaring Twenties, growth of industry, Taylorism, difficulties of reconstruction)

→ France’s weaknesses until the declaration of war

—financial crisis (particularities of the crisis in France, late arrival of the crisis in 1931, André Tardieu, attempts at deflation)
—political malaise (Stavisky scandal in 1933, demonstrations, revival of the leagues, demonstration of February 6, 1934, Croix de feu de La Rocque)
—the Popular Front (victory of the left in 1936, Léon Blum, laws of August 1936, Matignon agreements, end of the Popular Front one year later)
—France towards war (Edouard Daladier in power, declaration of war)
Léon Blum et la victoire du Front populaire
Léon Blum and the victory of the Popular Front

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