Nationalities and nationalisms in Europe before 1914

II. Nations and States (from the middle of the 19th century to 1914)

1. Nationalities and nationalisms in Europe before 1914

→ The exaltation of nationalisms
– the new European map (territories resulting from the Congress of Vienna,
italian unity, German unity)
– popular contestation (governments, role of the press, the nation, Renan’s
nationalism of Renan, nationalism of Fichte)
– franco-German war (Bismarck’s policy, three emperors, Congress of
of Berlin), creation of the Triple Alliance
→ Between two centuries
– bismarck resigns (economic problems, political problems)
– france allies itself with Russia (Weltpolitik of William II, Franco-Russian
franco-Russian alliance)
– the Triple Entente (the end of the Italian colonial expansion, Franco-English
franco-British agreement and the Fachoda crisis)
→ Nationalisms towards war
– crises in Morocco (Tangier crisis, Agadir crisis)
– the Balkan powder keg (Bosnian crisis, the disintegration of the Ottoman
ottoman Empire, wars in the Balkans, Sarajevo)
– europe plunged into war (arms race, assassination of
François-Ferdinand in 1914, the spiral of alliances)

Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck

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