Statistics on languages in the world

Languages spoken in the world, all statistics. Languages play a big role in a culture, and are inseparable.

Statistics on the languages spoken in the world

– 6,000 languages spoken in the world

– 50% of the languages in the world are endangered

– 4% of the world’s population speaks 96% of the languages

-only 15 languages are spoken by more than 50 million people

– Ninety percent of languages are not represented on the internet.

Top 12 most spoken languages in the world

According to the Human Development Report 2002 (precise numbers are difficult to estimate):

1. English
2. Chinese (Mandarin)
3. Hindi and Urdu
4. Spanish
5. French
6. Arabic
7. Malay-Indonesian
8. Bengali
9. Russian
10. Portuguese
11. Japanese
12. German