The King’s Secret and the Black Cabinet

Louis XV, in the Eighteenth century created the Secret du Roi. It is a secret service, and in this we are in the tradition of the Cabinet Noir of Richelieu.

This Secret of the King of Louis XV was so well preserved that it was discovered only shortly before the death of the sovereign.

General Knowledge: the Secret

It involved a network of agents, including the famous chevalier d’Eon.

In addition, it aimed to influence politics in Eastern European countries, whether in Austria, Russia, or Poland and other states.

The King’s Secret shows how secrecy and opacity were present in the executive power, especially under the monarchy.

So much so that even the ministers of foreign affairs did not know about this King’s Secret, at the time of Louis XV.

If this information is about the monarchy, there are suspicions about alleged black cabinets developed under theFifth Republic, for example, recently under the presidency of François Hollande.

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