Bibliographies to review the themes of the city and engagement

These bibliographies will give you a very complete approach on the city, and some elements on the commitment:

On the city:

The city policy C. Chaline Que sais-je?
Urban sociology H. Marchal Q.S.J.
Urban violence and insecurity Ch Souliez Q.S.J.
When the city unravels J. Danzelot Poche

On commitment:

Indigenes-vous! and Engage yourself! Stéphane Hessel
– Plaidoyer pour les Intellectuels JP Sartre.
On Civil Disobedience D. Thoreau
Literature and commitment B. Denis point Seuil
– Le Siècle des Intellectuels M. Winock Point Seuil
– L’Homme révolté A. Camus