Method to keep motivated: SMART goal

An unusual article to evoke a method of motivation, and help all those who are destined to pass Sciences Po.

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To keep and maintain motivation, to achieve your goals, it is all about passing all those goals according to the method: SMART. Your goal must meet several criteria:

S – Specific: what is your objective precisely, concretely? How do you intend to achieve it?
M – Measurable: Can you measure your progress towards your goal?
A – Achieved: Is your goal achievable?
R – Realistic: Is your goal really realistic?
T – Time: How much time do you spend on your goal, and how often?

Examples with the objective “to read entirely Berstein & Milza: History of the 20th Century

S – Specific: to read the entire book Berstein & Milza: History of the 20th century, which I have obtained by careful reading.
M – Measurable: every day, I will record the finished chapters, and check for each one that it has been read
A – Achieved: the objective can be reached, the proof others have already reached it.
R – Realistic: I want to enter Sciences Po, my schedule, my activities, and my interests allow me to make this goal achievable
T – Time: I will read and learn 2 chapters of the book every day, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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