Which studies to enter Sciences Po?

What to do if you don’t have the competition?

What studies to apply for with Admission Post-Bac?

What studies lead to Sciences Po?

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I am taking the liberty of contacting you to ask you for advice on the possible studies to pursue if I fail the exam in the first year of my baccalaureate. I am in TS and would therefore have the possibility of taking it again next year if the result is negative. But what can I do, in the meantime, to prepare myself as well as possible? Which course is the closest and allows us to continue with the aim of the science Po exam?

The hour of the choices for APB approaches and I remain rather lost, could you answer me rather quickly please?

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We can help you by giving you information on the courses usually taken by students after the baccalaureate who enter Sciences Po.

1. A good number of them come from a literary prep school. These are Sciences Po/EN-preparatory courses, which can be very difficult, but which have the advantage of preparing them specifically for the competitive exam.

2. Another part of the students comes from a law degree at the university. This curriculum is quite similar to the studies at Sciences Po.

3. Still other students come from more diversified university degrees: political science (the courses are more geopolitically oriented, they are not the same as at Sciences Po, you should not trust the name), history, or even more rarely language.

You can also try the experience of taking two licenses at the same time: you just have to register for two at the university. There are other ways to study, but we have mentioned the most common ones.

In pre-preparatory school, you will have a better chance of being accepted, but it is much more difficult; in college, you will have to take charge of your studies and force yourself to study for the exams, which requires extra motivation.

You can also enroll in a preparatory program for the Sciences Po, either online (such as Tremplin IEP) or with professors, depending on the city where you live.

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