Mock exam on Inequality

After the Mock questions on Health, we propose you discover the mock exam on Inequalities.

The aim is to give you an idea of what you may be asked to do in the competition. You can first find the annals of the exam questions of the common competition in order to have an overview, then we propose this list which should give you a good view of the kinds of exam questions you should expect.

Mock exam questions on Inequalities

Can the State eliminate inequalities?

Do inequalities advance society?

Can inequalities lead to more justice?

Are we all equal?

Do equal conditions always lead to the common good?

Inequalities, the main problem of the 21st century?

Mixed mock exam questions Inequalities – Health

Is health the consequence of inequalities?

Are we all equal when it comes to health?

Is illness a factor in inequalities?

Are inequalities a disease for society?

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General Knowledge: Inequalities