General Knowledge: Inequalities

The entrance exam for the 2nd year at Sciences Po is proposing that we focus on the theme of inequality in 2015.

Why are there inequalities? How can they be reduced, but before that, should they really be reduced? What are inequalities?

This is what you will discover through this compilation of the best articles on inequalities.

General courses on Inequalities :

Philosophy course on Inequalities :

History of Inequality Course:

Geography course on Inequalities:

Sociology/Economics course on Inequality:

Inequalities News Course:

Topics and answers on inequalities :

A car driver gives change to a poor person

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5 thoughts on “General Knowledge: Inequalities

  1. Bravo for this article, I just shared it on my Twitter account 🙂 Rosalie

  2. @Guillemette: There’s a whole article on it… You have to look a bit!

  3. I do not think it is really useful to reduce them because they are only continuities of ancestral traditions to make fun of the poor and it is very good like that! Thank you for your subjective understanding. Terry.

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