Inequalities – Interview with Thomas Pikkety

Thomas Piketty is the author of capital in the 21st century, a work that has been a worldwide success. In it, he addresses the exam questions of wealth, the transmission of wealth, and more generally wealth inequalities.

On Saturday, February 7, 2015, he was a geest on the programme on n’est pas couché on France 2.

Putting an end to tax evasion to reduce inequality

“In France, tax evasion represents a loss of revenue for the state of 60 to 80 billion per year” Thomas Piketty

“It is necessary that the countries of the euro zone can have a common corporate tax” Thomas Piketty

“The solution is that a parliament of the euro zone votes on corporate taxes, for a common tax.” Thomas Piketty

The need to pay more taxes to reduce inequalities

“I pay 50% tax on the sales of my book, I should pay 90%” Thomas Piketty.

“We pay more taxes in France when we work than when we inherit” Thomas Piketty.

“What disappointed me the most about François Hollande is his hypocrisy on the European debate,” Thomas Piketty

Justifying more equality.

“Everyone tries to justify inequality. There is no mathematical formula, we just have historical references” Thomas Piketty.

“Not all inequalities are excessive (…) Beyond a certain degree, inequality is of little use” Thomas Piketty.

“Having all the natural resources of a country in the hands of a group of people is not useful.” Thomas Piketty

“Half of the French population owns only 5% of the total wealth of the country” Thomas Piketty

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