Work and unemployment: how is unemployment calculated?

How the unemployment rate is calculated

The unemployment rate is calculated by INSEE.
The standards are established by the ILO: International Labor Office.

An unemployed person for the ILO must correspond to three criteria:

—be without work
—be available for work
—is looking for a job

Thus, some unemployed people from the ANPE might not be considered by the ILO, for example, because they have had a reduced activity, or because they do not meet one of the criteria.
Conversely, some unemployed people are not at the ANPE, because it does not interest them.

Between two surveys, unemployment as defined by the ILO and its rate is calculated from statistics on job seekers.

Unemployment rate in France

The unemployment rate reached 10.4% of the active population in France, according to INSEE in June 2013.

This is the highest level since 1998.

The absolute record unemployment rate (10.8%) was reached in 1994 and 1997

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