Work: What motivates people to start a business?

Before we find the exact statistics on why people start a business (2010 data), a quick refresher on what generally comes out of studies on the question.

Why do people start a business?

The various INSEE studies seem to indicate several key factors that drive people to start a business.

1. To be independent (60.7%)
2. Taste for entrepreneurship and desire to face new challenges (44.2%)
3. Prospect of increasing income (26.6%)

Although the statistics are not identical for each year, it is interesting to note that the order is the same for the two years considered, 2006 and 2010, and the gaps are similar.

Men and women declare in equivalent proportions the same reasons for starting a business.
There is only one difference between men and women in these motivations: for women only, the opportunity to create a business (25.4%) is ranked number three, while the prospect of increasing one’s income (24.7%) is ranked number four.

Statistics on the reasons to create a company

créer une entreprise

Source: INSEE

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