100 points to know if Sciences Po is for YOU

When the time comes to make decisions, it can be difficult, very difficult, to understand if this or that program is really for you.

With this article“100 points to know if Sciences Po is for YOU”, we hope to answer these questions and give you some food for thought.

These 100 points correspond to a whole series of questions that will allow you to think of angles of decision that you may not have already imagined, and that will be as many new ways to determine if Sciences Po really corresponds to your profile, and especially if these studies do you good!

Your background – are you well on your way to Sciences Po? (60 points)

Scale: NO = 0 points, BOF = 1 point, YES = 3 points.

  1. Look at your grades. Are you performing well in one of the following subjects: French, history, geography, economics, philosophy, law, sociology, foreign language
  2. ?

  3. Do you ever write an essay and get so excited about it that it is all you can think about and time seems to fly by?
  4. Have you ever been enthralled by a long documentary or series on politics?
  5. Can you name several ministers in the current government?
  6. Do you current events through any means other than television?
  7. Can you name at least two current armed conflicts in the world and explain their causes?
  8. Have you ever read a news article in a foreign language?
  9. Do you have at least one link in your browser’s bookmarks that directs you to a foreign language site?
  10. Do you sometimes like to watch your movies in their original language (VO)?
  11. Do you have a favorite political party or a political party you hate?
  12. Do you know a person whose political ideas you like more than others?
  13. Can those around you name at least one cause that is important to you?
  14. Do you know the author (or one of the authors) who theorized?
  15. Can you either explain what is or identify an author who theorized it?
  16. Do you know the title of any work by Karl Marx (other than the Communist Manifesto)?
  17. Can you name three authors of sociology or founders of sociology?
  18. Can you mention an economist you prefer over another and give a reason?
  19. Can you name and explain a founding date of the European Union?
  20. Do you know the names of at least three European leaders?
  21. Would you be able to explain to your neighbor in a detailed and complete way the electoral system of at least one of these countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the United States?

Have you ever watched and enjoyed an episode of House of Cards?
If it was in English, it is even better.

Your future – Will Sciences Po carry you to your ideal job? (30 points)

Scale: NO = 0 points, BOF = 1 point, YES = 3 points.

  1. Whether or not you know what you want to do later, can you at least say without hesitation that you would like to work in one of the following sciences: French, history, geography, economics, philosophy, law, sociology, foreign language?
  2. Can you imagine yourself reading (non-fiction books) in 20 years, when you have a job?
  3. If you were 100% certain of getting a majority of votes, would you like to run for office?
  4. Are you fully aware of your situation with respect to elections? For example, do you know if you are registered to vote/if you have a formality to complete/if you are eligible to vote in the next election/when the next presidential election will be?
  5. Are you eager to spend at least one year of your studies abroad?
  6. Can you name in less than 30 seconds a painter, writer, composer, and actor that you particularly like?
  7. Does the thought of visiting a museum in a city in a foreign country give you positive feelings?
  8. What public figure do you admire, what is your role model – could this person have attended Sciences Po?
  9. Have you ever looked longingly at the different parts of the website of at least one Institute of Political Studies?
  10. Have you ever imagined what your daily life would be like if you were accepted at Sciences Po?

It is a cliché, but listen to your heart and you will know if Sciences Po is for you (10 points).

If you are here, it means that you are already at least vaguely interested in Sciences Po. That is already a sign! Think about it! What do you really want deep down? That is why our only question here, worth 10 points, is the following:

As you read this article, what were you really looking for inside yourself, what I thought were you having while reading these words, and what result were you hoping would come out of it? What did you hope would be the result of this questionnaire?

If the answer is that you were looking for reassurance that you are on the right track, that deep down you were hoping to find confirmation that you can do Sciences Po, then it is because YOU really CAN do Sciences Po and you WILL do it! We have written hundreds of articles for people like you on this website, for those who have the desire to succeed at Sciences Po, and EVERYONE can do it, including YOU!

Now it is time for the results…

Your results: Sciences Po and you, a winning combination?

Fewer than 50 points:

First case: the program does not really correspond to your inner self.

Second case: you need to work harder to reach the same level of motivation and advancement as the others (don’t forget that Sciences Po is a competitive examination).

If you are in the 1st case, then smile because all opportunities are open to you and you are only at the beginning of your training, you still have a whole future to build! Do not hesitate to read all the help and information sheets on all the websites dedicated to orientation (ask yourself what your passions were when you were a child, at 7–10 years old, it often helps to know what you really like).

If you are in the 2nd case, work, work and work! Because life (in fact, competitions) will not do you any favors, and yet you have your place! If you decide, you can, and today can be the first day of the rest of your life, the day you decide to work for what you really love!

Between 50 and 70 points:

Do you have doubts from time to time? Sometimes you wonder what you want to do, where you are, what you can do with your life… Well, we tell you: you are made for Sciences Po.

But you need to motivate yourself more, and work even harder because of that motivation! Because yes, motivation and work are mutually enriching. In fact, you must trust yourself. You will gain by being more sure of yourself, by taking time now to clearly define where you want to go! Because it is the +70 points who will win the places of the contest, they are more determined, they already know what they want, and they will do everything for it, because their passions drive them! You can join them, and win the points you need to reach the top of the scale. Good luck to you, you will make it!

Between 70 and 99 points:

You have everything you need to succeed at Sciences Po! You have the desire, the motivation, the passion, the culture… It is hard to elaborate here because you already have everything you need! Continue to read regularly, to learn, to develop your culture, continue on your way! Even faster, even stronger, even better! You can follow our Facebook page “Academics in Politics” to keep yourself regularly informed, and to feed your sources of reflection on a daily basis. What more can I say? Congratulations, and see you soon in the ranks of Sciences Po!

100 points:

Dear future president of the Republic, please note our contact information, we want to be part of your friends 😉 It is not you who will follow Sciences Po, it is Sciences Po who will follow you!

Nobody has the right to say for you if you should do Sciences Po or not. Let us say it again: no one has the right to judge whether or not you should apply to Sciences Po.

This principle is valid for us as well, and this article aims to make you think about what it means to apply to Sciences Po, to study at Sciences Po, and to make a living after Sciences Po.

At the end of the day, the only person who has the right to give a final opinion, to decide whether or not you will go to Sciences Po, is yourself! So trust yourself!

Our last recommendations before we part ways:

  • Don’t do Sciences Po just for the money (especially since it would be a bad calculation, there are other courses that will bring you more money).
  • Don’t do Sciences Po just because your parents did it and see you as a good student (very quickly, you will feel out of place).
  • Do Sciences Po for the sole reason that you want to.

Please post your result in the comments! This will help us better organize the questions, improve them, and better distribute the points. Feel free to give us your suggestions to improve the quality of this questionnaire or your impressions to share with other readers.

→ Learning according to visual and auditory memory

→ Become more productive

→ Read faster

20 thoughts on “100 points to know if Sciences Po is for YOU

  1. I’m in middle school and I apparently have everything to pass Sciences Po but I have great doubts about future acceptance…

  2. I got 86 points, I’m happy but I’m a little scared because I don’t know anything about economics because I’m doing S

  3. Hello, For my part, I had 85 points and I find this questionnaire very good! Thank you to the writers of this questionnaire

  4. I got 48 points 😂 and being in first class ES I still flounder a little in my orientation

  5. Hello, on the second line, you write: understand if this or that training is really for us. I am a donkey. I always thought that it was necessary to agree with the question and naively I would have written done. But, I’m not at Sciences Po, I’m in 6th grade. Thank you and sincere respect.

  6. I am 14 years old and it’s really a dream to go to Science Po I would very much like to become a journalist and also do politics I obtained 83 on the test.

  7. Hello, I must admit that this test is interesting with rather relevant questions on po sciences, moreover I obtained 78pts which is encouraging for my studies! 🙂 I will come to this site more regularly in the future. Thanks for this test .

  8. Thank you very much for this test! It’s very motivating / reassuring / empowering. Thanks 🙂 (I got 83)

  9. Result obtained: 76. I did not really agree with the idea of making a questionnaire for this kind of thing precisely because, as you said, no one can judge and decide whether a person should whether or not to apply. But I found myself in what you said at the end of this one!

  10. Hello, I found 160 places for the Sciences Po 2nd year competition How many candidates and at what grade was the last one taken? THANKS

  11. Hello, Do you know how many candidates there were for Cc2 and how many places for what average? ?

  12. The test says that I am made for Sciences Po and I really want to but I have a huge blockage, I am convinced that I will never succeed, I do not have the capacity, that’s for sure. .

  13. Great ! Thanks for the advice… 😉 I’m 13 but I know what I want to do… journalist! (I got 56 points) I only have one question: what is the baccalaureate recommended for sciences po? Thanks again !

  14. I appreciated your methodological advice as well as those concerning learning and motivation.

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