Black Friday 2020 : explications

November 29, 2020, will be Black Friday. But…

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, which can easily be translated as “Black Friday”, is a day of commercial operations that takes place on the 4th Friday of November, and comes to us from the United States.

It is in fact a day of intensive sales.

Why the 4th Friday of the month?

Simply because it is the day after Thanksgiving, and this period corresponds to the beginning of the Christmas shopping. (Nevertheless, it takes place even earlier in Canada.)

It is therefore a good day for businesses, which find it an opportunity to boost their economy a few weeks before Christmas.

It should be noted that even the date of Thanksgiving has been moved, as desired by President Roosevelt in 1939, to give consumers more time to do their Christmas shopping, also due to the economic depression.

The economy has its reasons which can impose itself on the most established traditions.

Is this the day when stores make the most money in the year?

In 2018, $6.2 billion was generated during Black Friday in the United States. E-commerce sites are the biggest winners on this day. This traffic and spending have been steadily increasing year over year.

In France, the commercial operation is also more and more followed.

However, on a global scale, there is one event that generates much more purchases! And it is none other than China that we must turn our eyes.

Recently implemented (since 2009), and on the model of Black Friday, by the site Alibaba, a giant of Chinese trade, the so-called Singles’ Day has brought in 2018 for comparison 27.6 billion Euros! And these figures of the total business volume is still growing year on year! In 2019, it took only 16.5 hours to break this record.