Put the Sciences Po jury in your pocket

The Sciences Po oral exams are the last straight line before admission. This test is still selective: so how do you get the Sciences Po jury on board for the oral?

This week’s Le Point magazine (May 23, 2013) devotes an entire article to this.

Jury du concours Sciences Po dans sa poche
Putting the jury of the
Sciences Po exam
in your pocket

To do:

1. Say hello and thank you when the examiners give the question, this is the key to a positive attitude
2. Don’t listen to the scary rumors about the jury.
3. If you are nervous, tell the examiner: a way to lighten the mood
4. Look at your examiner and stand up straight, leaning slightly forward, a posture that makes you look concerned


1. Let the jury throw you off balance: they want to test your ability to resist
2. Be overconfident: some examiners will try to trick you.
3. Express yourself in a neutral and monotone: the jury will be bored and will make you pay for it
Read the article on how to put a competitive exam jury in your pocket, from Le Point, thanks to Academics in Politics.
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