To succeed at Sciences Po: create something new!

When it comes to distinguishing yourself at Sciences Po, to be selected among all the candidates who take the Sciences Po oral exam, to succeed, you have to create something new!

Créer de la nouveauté pour Sciences Po
Create something new
to succeed at Sciences Po

What better way than to create something new, if not by breaking the codes?

Le Point of the week of May 23, 2013, offered a series of articles on the new criteria for success, from which here is what you should remember.

1.”Mastering traditional social codes is essential to evolve at ease in the senior civil service.

2.” It is indeed good to stand out, sometimes, to show some nerve.

3.” we are not looking for good manners, but for motivated employees, passionate about their job, capable of autonomy and innovation

4.” they must have a good scientific level or creative abilities, and if possible both

5.” those who succeed are not those who reproduce know-how (good manners are one of them) by fitting into the mold, but those who dare, who invent

Take into account this advice for the Sciences Po oral, but also for your cover letters, for your writing, for your contact with Sciences Po, and thus you will give yourself every chance to succeed.

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