What job should I do after Sciences Po?

  • Hospital director,
  • Lawyers specialized in public law,
  • Customs inspectors,
  • Journalist,
  • Lawyer,
  • Treasury Inspector,
  • Financial analyst,
  • Product manager,
  • European civil servant,
  • Finance inspector,
  • Communication manager,
  • Research,
  • President of the Republic…

This list can, of course, be completed. However, it gives a good overview of the most common professions that are possible after Sciences Po. Even though many of these professions may be the stuff of dreams, you must first make sure that Sciences Po is really for you. The next step will be to find the best studies to enter Sciences Po.

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  1. The BTS notariat seems to me more appropriate to the profession of notary but I think it is still possible i

  2. hello please I want to become a notary in the future and I want to know if political science allows you to become a notary or not? THANKS IN ADVANCE

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