Write an introduction in 5 easy steps

Here is a step-by-step methodology for writing the introduction to a General Knowledge paper and an essay in general.

@Kira, a reader of the Academics in Politics website, suggests that we take an interest in the question: Does Nature have rights?

Five steps in the introduction:

📌 1. Take a precise example for the hook (1st sentence of the introduction, thus of the assignment): a literary work, a precise date, a quote. For example, here with a quote, the assignment could begin with:
Inviting to “make themselves as masters and possessors of nature”, René Descartes … etc.

📌 2. Then bring out a paradox:

But this incitement by René Descartes shows the hold that Nature has on the world, it imposes its rights, while at the same time plagues, such as the plague, cause deep damage regularly.

📌 3. Then define the terms of the question:
Nature, which is the environment in which man develops, cultivates, would have rights: in this case, set off…” etc.

📌 4. After the question that pinpoints the problem: one or more questions

“Should Man protect the rights of Nature? Or should Nature be allowed to impose and allow her rights to fully develop? Would the rights of Nature necessarily conflict with the rights of Man?

📌 5. Finally the announcement of the plan. “First of all. . Second… Finally…

Nota Bene: avoid the pronouns “I”, “we”, “we”, which are often frowned upon, as in the entire assignment.

2 thoughts on “Write an introduction in 5 easy steps

  1. and what to do with the interest of the question and the delimitation of the latter? Aren’t these steps just as important?

  2. Hello Integrer Sciences Po team, I take all these tools into consideration. I think now my introductions are going to be solid and relevant thanks to your insight. Have a nice day Kira.

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