Find a problem for a history essay in 2 minutes

The method is simple:

  • Step 1: Delineate the two-time boundaries of the question (beginning and end)
  • Step 2: Identify the situation at these two dates
  • Step 3: Establish the bridge between these two dates (how did we go from)

A simple example to understand. Let us imagine that the question is the Second World War.

  • Step 1: Time markers: beginning → 1939–1945 end
  • Stage 2:1939: a Europe barely recovered from the 1st World War already threatened by extremes (Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini…). 1945: a traumatized world after a heavy toll that must ensure hopes for peace.
  • Step 3: We make the connection: How did the European tensions rekindled by the rise of the extremes become generalized in a destructive world war only ended by a piece to be ensured?

Here is a question that pinpoints the problem which slams! You have understood the principle; now it is your turn to play.

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  1. Hello my subject is: the obstacles to the effectiveness of the UN in the resolution of political crises Please help me find a good problem

  2. My subject is: the obstacles to the effectiveness of the UN in the resolution of political crises Step1: 1945 to the present day Step 2: 1945: a UN created with the aim of restoring peace and securing it Steps3: to what extent political crises block the performance of the UN

    1. Hello @monet, If your subject is only “the obstacles to the effectiveness of the UN in the resolution of political crises” we advise you to widen the limits that you have identified. Indeed you propose 1945 as start (step 1) and 1945 as end (step 2). Isn’t the effectiveness of the UN in political crises rather judged in the long term?If you’re out of ideas, then Read this article on the UN to help you. From this course, you can try again to develop a more convincing problem. Do not hesitate to propose it to us here. Good luck, 🙂 The Academics in Politics team

  3. Hello, I have a dissertation to do and I have a lot of trouble doing the problem: the question is Migrants and migrations in Europe from the 1880s to the 1930s.

  4. would have liked to know what type of issue you could give for Opposing the King of France, in France and in Europe from 1610 to 1715

  5. @Inesse A few remarks: ● How the UN resolution aiming to create two states, one Jewish the other Arab, in 1948 (…): This is a problem, useless to make include so much information! Your introduction serves you precisely to pose your subject, its context, its boundaries… So take advantage of your introduction to lighten your sentence: How the 1948 UN resolution (…) is thus largely sufficient. ● Moreover, I find your question that pinpoints the problem poorly posed: How does the UN resolution (…) when (…) is the trigger for a series of conflicts? This tends to suggest that the UN resolution would be the trigger for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… but that is not correct! Above all, this minimizes the structural causes of the conflict, to the benefit of the only cyclical causes (what about the particular situation of the region in terms of religious and cultural diversity, a historical factor of instability? what about its position as a major crossroads, a strategic asset which explains covetousness and does not fail to create rivalries between major European and world powers? etc). Otherwise, it would seem surprising to me that such a broad question on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should fall on the day of the competition, especially if we take into account the question dropped in 2015 (Tensions and conflicts in the Middle East and Near East during the Cold War, from 1948 to 1989) Good luck to you :)!

  6. I tried to apply the method for the question: the Arab-Israeli conflict from 1948 to the present day? Here is my problem, I find it a bit long can you give me your opinion? How the UN resolution aimed at creating two states, one Jewish the other Arab, in 1948 while the Middle East is experiencing a rise in pan-Arabism and massive Jewish immigration is the trigger for a series of conflict?

  7. Hello I have a document to return I don’t know what I could choose as issues, on the Second World War, knowing that I must have an issue for 4 documents (ex: image, map of combatants..) thank you for advance

  8. Here is my response plan: I) the genesis of totalitarian regimes A/ major and multifaceted crises B/ the conquest of the PV C/ THE establishment of dictatorships II) Common points and specificities of the regimes A/ Mobilize the masses B/ Supervise youth C/ Defining a common enemy D/ The place of terror III) The outbreak of a world war A/ The hostility of totalitarian regimes to democracies B/ The march to war

  9. Hello, here is my question: totalitarian regimes in the interwar period. I would like to know if my problem is correct: How did the crises in the USSR, Germany and Italy lead to the rise of totalitarianism and consequently the 2nd World War? Thanks in advance….

  10. Please answer this problem 🙂 How did the risk of massive nuclear destruction in 1962 replace the situation of peace at the end of the Second World War?

  11. I really can’t find a problem for my dissertation in history: trace the causes, the mechanism and the consequences of the slave trade: Thank you for helping me as soon as possible!!

  12. Hello, I also have to produce a written work for a course in the history of contemporary China. My work concerns the Cultural Revolution in China: 1: 1966-1969 2:1966: context of the Great Leap Forward, tensions with the USSR and the imposition of Mao Zedong. 1969: Return to order following the IX Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. There are differences of opinion. 3: How did the political instability brought about by the Great Leap Forward turn into a cultural revolution that will end in a return to order full of divisions?

  13. Hey! I have a History dissertation on The Pogroms of Eastern Europe and I wanted to check my problem which is: How is the situation of the Jews in Eastern Europe getting worse and causing the Pogroms? Thank you so much !

  14. hello I have a composition to do in history on the question The Israeli-Arab conflict since 1948. I wanted to know if the following problem could be suitable: How the Israeli-Arab conflict, which began on May 15, 1948 the day after the creation of the Jewish State, could it get bogged down until today it has reached a blocked situation despite the various peace attempts? Thanks in advance

  15. Hello, I was wondering if this method could also work in the French baccalauréat? Does it announce a good duty?

  16. hello I have a comment in geo on The enlargement of the world in the 15th – 16th century

  17. hello my subject is: the ivory coast has been such a land empty of man

  18. Hello, my subject is: Urban transport: sources of nuisance or indicators of sustainable development? I have to find a problem in a single question, remove the or and make a link between the two. I don’t find any problem.

  19. Hello, thank you for this miracle method since now I use it for all my History compositions! But I’m currently working on the chapter The Middle East: a hotbed of conflict since 1918 and I’m having trouble finding an issue that is both relevant and global… So I tried to apply the method and I wanted your opinion: How is the Middle East, a challenging but conflicting space greatly influenced by European powers, becoming a region between wars and hope for peace?

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