Justice investigates vote buying

An investigating judge will investigate the municipal campaigns organized from 2008 to 2010 in Corbeil-Essonnes (Essonne), won by by Senator Serge Dassault and then his right-hand man Jean-Pierre Beecher, both UMP both UMP, after the opening of a judicial investigation into vote buying, corruption Corruption, money laundering and misuse of social assets.

The examining magistrate is in charge of judicial investigations in the most serious or complex criminal cases. Complex criminal cases. He must bring out the truth, and make decisions accordingly.
A judicial investigation is open in the case of a crime or criminal offense (complex case) initiated by the public prosecutor Republic.

A judicial source told AFP that the Paris prosecutor’s office had Opened a judicial investigation for these four counts. ‘It is a spectrum,’ commented laconically, a close friend of Mr. Dassault and Bechter.

The public prosecutor’s office: organization (at the level of the tribunal de of all the magistrates of the public prosecutor’s office who are responsible for conducting a criminal action for the interests of society.