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These quotes on Globalization will give you an insight into what globalization is and the changes it involves.

“Before, the events that took place in the world were not related to each other. Since then, they are all dependent on each other.”
Polybius, 2nd century BC

If a foreign country can supply us with a commodity more cheaply than we are able to produce it ourselves, it is much better that we should buy it from them with some part of the product of our own industry, employed in the kind in which we have some advantage
Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations, Book IV, Chapter II (1776).

Now, would it be reasonable to make a regulation prohibiting the importation of all foreign wines, merely to encourage the making of Bordeaux and Burgundy wines in Scotland?
Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations, Book IV, Chapter II (1776).

“For we are living in the midst of what I will call the Globalization of Humanity.”
Arnold Van Gennep, 1933, Mercure de France, Vol. 245, p.181

« Globalization could be defined as the extension to the world scale of issues that were previously limited to regions or nations. »
Guy Rocher

“Globalization is not simply the amplification of exchanges, it is the setting in competition of economic and social systems. The question is to know whether this phenomenon is likely to enhance the non-market (cultural) capital of societies or whether, on the contrary, taking social systems into account in the competition will lead to considering them as ‘costs’.”
Zaki Lady, Malaise in Globalization. Interview vite Philippe Petit, Paris, les éditions textuelles, 1998, 2001, p. 45-47.

« The whole world is becoming one population, and this aspect of globalization can only be beneficial on the genetic level. »
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Évolution biologique, évolution culturelle, éd. Odile Jacob, 2005, chap. Gènes, populations, phénotypes et environnement, p. 90

“It is not globalization that dissolves nations, but the self-dissolution of nations that produces globalization
Emmanuel Todd, The Economic Illusion, 1997

‘The supposedly happy globalization leads to the opposite of a global society; it transforms the world into an arena where atomized societies will confront each other in a war that will probably not remain merely commercial
Dominique Méda, What is Wealth? p. 13, 1999

‘Worse than an occult power, with globalization we discover a pure absence of power Luc Ferry

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