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We offer you a compilation of all the best articles on globalization to have the widest possible overview of this subject.

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Globalization here symbolized by the A380 aircraft

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7 thoughts on “General Knowledge : Globalization

  1. what would be your plans for the subjects like father like son and the values of globalization, please? THANKS

  2. @a_w_d: Hello, Yes it’s a good idea, especially since globalization is a subject that lends itself well to it. It’s a good idea on the condition however of introducing it well, of explaining it in the development, and that it is precisely relevant with the development. A diagram must come as an aid, as an auxiliary to demonstrate an idea. It has argumentative force provided it is well explained. But yes it is a good idea to insert a diagram if it is relevant! Good day, The Academics in Politics team

  3. I had a question concerning the theme of globalization: is it advisable or should we avoid introducing diagrams in a dissertation dealing with this subject for the common competition?

  4. @hln: Thank you for your help for all those who take the exams! We will therefore retain in particular “The values of globalization”. Thank you, The Academics in Politics team

  5. If it may interest some: I did the competition for the Franco-German sector in Aix en Provence last week and the subjects of contemporary questions were – Like father like son – The values of globalization here:) good luck for revisions!

  6. Good morning! Are we going to have a definition of the themes of Globalization and the Family as you did very well last year for the old themes of QC? Anyway, thank you very much for your work, it really helps us!

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