South Africa: an emerging country (correction)

The question for the 2013 baccalaureate was

South Africa: an emerging country

Corrected question that pinpoints the problem of the question of South Africa: an emerging country

South Africa seems to be a continental power in Africa. But
is it also a global power?

Corrected outline of the question of South Africa: an emerging country

I. South Africa, a country that is beginning to develop
1. An economy integrated into the world economy
2. Basis of South Africa’s emergence
3. The “power” of South Africa

II. Regional contrasts
1. The case of Johannesburg
2. Discrepancies between urban and rural landscapes

III. The limits
1. Uneven and fragile economic development
2. Diseases and social misery
3. Political and diplomatic challenges

6 thoughts on “South Africa: an emerging country (correction)

  1. of the style: 1) South Africa an emerging country – stable democracy – natural resources – integration into globalization 2) Obstacles to emergence – conflicts – inequalities segregation – health issues (hiv, low life expectancy etc)

  2. nor did I do it like that I. The foundations of the a-power; a country with geostrategic resources open to the world b; a varied industry and high-performance services c; a now stable democracy II. a power that gradually integrates a; first African power b; which fits into the game of globalization c; a new player on the international scene III. the challenges of the a power; socio-spatial segregation b; crime c; health challenge

  3. Personally I have done I. 1 new player in globalization 1. 1 BRICS members 2. 1 player in continental integration 3. global pretensions II. The many assets of South Africa 1. 1 successful exit from the policy of Apartheid 2. Natural resources and a tertiary economy III. 1 unequal regional dynamism and many obstacles 1. center gauteng 2. peripheries with a sketch for 1.2 of III 3. serious social and health challenges

  4. did not adopt this outline at all… Personally I did: I/ The manifestations of emergence 1. Africa’s leading economy 2. A regional power 3. Growing integration in globalization II/ The factors of emergence 1. Political reconstruction 2. Abundant natural resources and dynamic and varied economic activities III/ The limits of emergence 1. Still insufficient human development 2. Persistent inequalities (social and between regions ) Opinions?

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